Fantastic improvement in 5 months! Off Page SEO by SERP Mining

Fantastic Improvement in 5 months!

We SERP Mining, offered our SEO service to a phone and internet service provider company in the USA. We worked on this website from July 2020 to November 2020, and during those five months, we improved the website’s performance through proper link building. After we stopped working together, the website continued to do well until February 2021. But then, the owner noticed a drop in keyword rankings and daily visitors, so they reached out to us again in February.

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This is a Phone and internet service provider in the USA. We worked on this website from July 2020 to Nov 2020 and in these 5 month, we got our desired results and left the proper link-building for this website. ‘Then this website was going very well till Feb 2021 after that Owner notice the drop in keyword ranking and traffic on a daily basis and contact us back to us in Feb.


We looked at the website and found some big problems. Here are the main issues we found:

  • Some pages on the website were impacted by Google’s December Update because they didn’t offer a good experience for users.
  • We stopped building links for the website, while the competitors continued to regularly create their backlinks.

In February, we took action, and the website has now recovered. We updated those pages with fresh and new content, using a proper structure. We made sure that users will have a great experience when visiting those pages.

The next important thing we did for the website was to regularly create backlinks using a gradual and synchronized approach.

The most important backlinks we built in February were 301 redirects from well-known international websites. It took 3 to 5 months for these links to be recognized by search engines, but they greatly improved the website’s credibility and authority.



Google cares a lot about E.A.T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). These backlinks come from really important websites with a high score (DA 90+) and are from old pages. Because of this, we gained trust and authority for the website, and it gave us really good results.

Important: These 301 redirect backlinks alone won’t be enough to rank the website, but they do add trust and authority. We need other types of backlinks as well to create a well-rounded strategic cluster of backlinks that will generate link juice.


What did we get after this work?

In the last four months, this was the work we did, and the results are impressive. We achieved rankings on almost every main keyword of the website and also experienced a resurgence in website traffic similar to what we saw in February and January. However, there’s still more work to be done to further improve the website’s performance.

The most interesting thing we noticed after changing the website’s content and filling it with fresh information is that Google started picking up keywords more quickly.




Our Final Thoughts 

Now, we feel completely confident in handling any SEO project. 

If you’re tired of trying to figure it out yourself and want experts to take care of it, you’re in the right spot!