Link Building Services by serp mining

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Take your SEO to the next level with link : building services from SERP Mining. We offer unmatched quality for a fair price. Contact us for a free quote now!

  • Backlinks from web 2.0 blogs, profiles, images, videos and presentations

  • Everything was brought in a single package and segregated by high metrics. No trash!

  • The package is a great fit for building the backlink foundation

  • Essential to bring in more diversity to your backlink profile

  • Everything is done manually, no automations and no software involved

  • All websites have high DA, TF and traffic

Link Building Services by serp mining

What is Link Building?

Link building is an SEO activity that aims to increase the number of links from external websites to your website. This process can be both inbound (organic links and mentions), as well as outbound (proactively searching for link-building opportunities). The number and quality of backlinks pointing to your domain is one of the most important ranking signals. used by Google's algorithm.

How Does Link Building Contribute to Your SEO Success?

As you probably know, ranking high on Google requires a lot of effort that goes beyond writing good content. Having strong backlinks leading to your website increases the trustworthiness of your website in the eyes of Google and helps to outrank your competition.

Link Building Services by serp mining

What is a Link Building Service?

Link building services are like helpers for your off-page SEO. Some SEO agencies go beyond just building links, and there are also companies that specialize in creating backlinks alone. For example, SERP Mining does both.

Outsourcing VS In-house

You might be wondering – is link building something that can be done in-house? It surely can, but at the very least you will need an SEO specialist, a professional content writer, and a LOT of time and

Professional services such as Crowdo take all the hassle away from you. and let you focus on things that matter to your business here and now.

Not only that. but outsourcing to a professional link-building service often yields quicker and more predictable results. as opposed to figuring everything out yourself.

Link Building Services by serp mining

Backlink quality and some metrics to keep in mind

Every reliable link building service relies on multiple metrics to choose the best websites for a backlink campaign. Some of the most important metrics include.

Website Traffice

Links from popular websites that get updated regularly are more valuable by definition. For example. the average traffic of blogs that we work with is 10K visitors/ month.

Domain Authority / Domain Rating

This figure represents the strength of a backlink profile of a given website. Here at SERP Mining we aim for a DA of 50+, but as a rule of thumb - the higher it is the better.

Trust Flow

A metric that measures the trustworthiness of a website based on its backlink profile. Not all links are created equal. and quantity doesn't always convert to quality. We aim to source links from websites with a trust flow of 30 or higher.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Link Building?

If you tum to the cheapest services on the market. they might use software and black hat
tactics to build backlinks for your website. Not only will it not contribute to your SEO
success. but it actually puts you at risk of a Google penalty. which means no organic traffic in the long run.

However, if you choose a reliable and time-tested link building service, that does the job
manually, then the risks are reduced to minimum, because backlinks that you get will look as natural and organic as possible.



No hidden charges! Choose your best plan.


$ 49 60+ Backlinks
  • TIER 1
  • 10 Edu & Gov
  • 10 Profiles From Popular Website
  • 8 Social Bookmarks With High DA
  • 7 Blog Comments
  • TIER 2
  • 10 Local Directories
  • 2 Wiki Backlinks
  • 5 Communities Backlinks
  • 2 Infographic Submission
  • 7 Article From Web 2.0
  • 1 Forum Profile Backlinks


$ 79 130+ Backlinks
  • TIER 1
  • 40 Edu & Gov
  • 15 Profiles From Popular Website
  • 15 Social Bookmarks With High DA
  • 15 Blog Comments
  • TIER 2
  • 20 Local Directories
  • 3 Wiki Backlinks
  • 15 Communities Backlinks
  • 2 Infographic Submission
  • 10 Article From Web 2.0
  • 1 Forum Profile Backlinks


$ 119 200+ Backlinks
  • TIER 1
  • 60 Edu & Gov
  • 20 Profiles Backlink
  • 15 Social Bookmarking
  • 20 Blog Comments
  • TIER 2
  • 20 Local Directories
  • 3 Wiki Backlinks
  • 15 Communities Backlinks
  • 2 Infographic Submission
  • 10 Article From Web 2.0
  • 1 Forum Profile Backlinks
  • TIER 3
  • 10 Mini Blogs Platform
  • 5 Quora Marketing
  • 5 Reddit Marketing
  • 3 Audio /Video Submission
  • 10 Article Submission
  • 4 DOC Share


We give you full reports every month to show how things are doing. If you want to see the numbers more, you can use your own account to look at them anytime.

There are lots of criteria that influence the quality of your backlinks. At the very least a good backlink should: 
-Look authentic and natural
- Come from a high DA and high traffic website
- Be placed among relevant and well-written content |

Simple, if you're serious about SEO and you want grow your organic traffic - backlinks are a must. The question you should be asking yourself instead would be - is SEO the best way of promoting my business?

Yes, building backlinks remains vital component for your SEO success Having strong backinks is not enough though. With every Google update there are more and more factors that determine your position in SERPs - the number of optimization tactics you could apply is enormous.

Yes, we have a network of copywrite across all disciplines, who supply us with well- researched and well-written content. Most of them are native speakers too!

We aim to achieve a natural mix of nofollow and dofollow links (close to 50/50), but the exact proportion depends on the exact service of your choice. 

All of our backlink services are backed up by a warranty (usually 1 year), If some of your links get removed and your total link volume is less than what we promised - we are willing to provide a timely replacement free of charge.