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Full Stack SEO Services by serp mining

What Is Managed SEO?

The SERP Mining managed SEO service is like a complete and personalized plan to help your website do better. We take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our team of SEO experts has spent a lot of time studying how G o o g l e works and what makes websites successful. We use all this knowledge to come up with the best ways to make your website show up higher in search results.

At SERP Mining, we have a proven plan for SEO that we adapt just for you. This makes your website get better rankings in a shorter time.

What we offer?

Website Audit

First, we need to check your website to see what's going on. After that, our goal is to find easy words that people search for a lot. We also want to use safe and fair ways to get more people to visit your website quickly.

Keyword Research

By using smart research, called Competitive Gap Analysis, we find important keywords that lots of people search for but not many websites compete on. Then, we create really good and well-studied content that fits these keywords to attract the right customers.

On-Page SEO

We check what a page is about and find the best words to make it better. We make the page better by adding new titles, short descriptions, web addresses, main headings, and simple picture descriptions. We'll show you before we make the changes live on the website.

Analytics Tracking

Doing good SEO takes a while, and we always watch important numbers like how your keywords rank, how many people visit your site, and other signs that things are going well. With this info, we make your plans better.

Link Building

Getting good links to your website is like making friends with important websites. Our team talks to these websites to create special links that bring more people to your site and help it show up higher when people search.

Content Writing

Because having helpful and interesting stuff on your website is super important for making SEO work, our team makes sure to give you the very best content. With this awesome content, we make your website a really great.

Keyword Rank
Full Stack SEO Services by serp mining

Gain the Place on G o o g l e That’s Right for You

We really care about getting good results, that’s our main focus. Our plans have already worked for others, and we try really hard to make sure our customers get the outcomes they want quickly. We’ve helped all sorts of businesses over the years, like local shops, online stores, people who offer services, bloggers, and partners. We’ve used our proven SEO plans to increase the number of people who visit their websites. We know that every business is different. So, we make sure to study, plan, and adjust each campaign just for you, your goals, and your website.

Our Work Process

Get a Free Consult with Our SEO Expert

Figuring out what the project needs. Talking about the situation, goals, things we want to achieve, and when we need to finish. Giving a free check on SEO and looking at your competition. We check out the top companies like yours and find their best pages and the important stuff that helps them do well in SEO.
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Step 01

Creating Your Personalized With SEO Plan

Full SEO Checkup, which means we'll look closely at how your website works, study the things you talk about, your content, and what it really means. Then, we'll make a plan just for you to get more links to your site based on what we learn from the checkup.
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Step 02

Getting the Okay signal for the next step

Once we've made our complete SEO plan, we'll show it to you. You can look at it, tell us what you like or don't like, and suggest changes if you want. Or, if you think it's good, you can tell us to start. You can feel comfortable knowing we'll take care of everything from that point.
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Step 03

Bringing the Plan into Action and Making It Happen

We start your SEO journey by fixing important technical things, getting good links, making a plan for what you write, and taking care of your online reputation.
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Step 04

Checking How Your Website Gets Better

Every month, we give you reports on how things are going, we frequently look at your SEO outcomes, and we keep an eye on how your website is getting bigger. We also make changes to our plans and offer advice whenever needed to help your site do even better.
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Step 05

Achieved SEO Outcomes and Performance Results

Meeting the goals we set, consistently checking your plan, and improving SEO outcomes to ensure steady website expansion.
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Step 06


No hidden charges! Choose your best plan.


$ 999
  • Complete Website Audit
  • Custom SEO & Content Strategy
  • 3 Blog Content(1K+ Words) 5 Quality Guest-post Backlinks 5K
  • traffic link (2), 10K traffic link (2), 20K traffic link (1)
  • Monthly Analytics Report
  • Monthly SEMrush Report
  • Keyword Tracking


$ 2699
  • Complete Website Audit
  • Custom SEO & Content Strategy
  • 6 Blog Content(1K+ Words) 11 Quality Guest-post Backlinks
  • 5K traffic link (3), 10K traffic link (3), 20K traffic link (3), 30K traffic link (2)
  • Monthly Analytics Report
  • Monthly SEMrush Report
  • Keyword Tracking


  • Need a Custom quote on your SEO project? Give us a bit of detail on your project and let us help! Request a quote from one of our SEO Experts.

Results Roar, Words Whisper.

Many smart SEOs, bloggers, and groups are choosing to use our SEO and Full Stack SEO Service. They’re switching because we’re affordable, focused on value, and all about getting good results. Now it’s your turn to join the smart SEO group!


Many of our clients start noticing changes around the third month of our short contract. We'll keep fine-tuning your SEO plan to bring more visitors and growth to your website.

You don't have to know much about SEO. We'll handle the hard stuff and give you reports on how things are going. Your job is just to take care of the new customers and clients you'll get.

That's why we're here! We'll make a special plan just for your business.

es, we can help with many different topics and languages. But there might be a few cases where we can't. You can talk to our SEO Expert to find out more.

Yes, we can get links from websites in different languages like German, French, Italian, Spanish, and more. The content will be in the language of that country.

We give you full reports every month to show how things are doing. If you want to see the numbers more, you can use your own account to look at them anytime.